What is Evenaar

What is Evenaar?

Evenaar is a linear television channel about cities, about regions and about countries.

It’s a themed channel that brings the whole world home to the viewer and makes them feel at home wherever they are in the world.

It’s a specialty channel about places and people with a story to tell. A channel dedicated to the beauty and power of the region under the motto: ‘The world, my village.’

It’s a channel about places that everyone should discover and experiences that no one should miss.

A channel on unspoiled nature and stunning architecture. A channel full of wild regions and legendary experiences.

A feel-good channel full of exciting, engaging and positive stories from all corners of the world presenting a new adventure every hour.

A channel for young and old, male and female, pleasure seeker and culture fanatic, lover of regional beers and courageous adventurer. A channel for people that look beyond the horizon.

A channel without rival.

Who is Evenaar for?

For all people who like to travel, to discover new places, to meet other people, to discuss ideas and share their experiences and discoveries with others.

Every day is a journey

Traveling means more than just the transport by plane, train, car or by bike. You can also travel in your imagination through books and pictures, music and poetry, films and videos.

Neither does traveling have to involve long-distance destinations. Many destination highlights can be found just around the corner; each village has its special features and specialities, each region has its attractions and traditions and there is always something happening in every city.

A quick visit to…

Evenaar is a map, a GPS, an experienced and enthusiastic guide who takes you on a journey of discovery through its great selection of video images – both online and offline – it’s about everything beautiful, cool and exciting.

From video amateur to Oscar winner

Evenaar shows and presents:

On all screens

Evenaar brings the world to your home or wherever you go. Evenaar is available both on television (Telenet, Channel 51, Proximus TV, channel 217 and TV Vlaanderen, Channel 13) and on your laptop, tablet or smartphone (website, app. Facebook and Instagram).

In all media

Evenaar puts its programs daily in the spotlight through numerous other media (print, radio, other television networks, digital and social media).