FAQ Evenaar

Frequently asked questions about Evenaar

Why is Evenaar a digital television channel?

92% of the Flemish people watch digital TV. The Flemish citizen watches television on average 3 hours and 20 minutes per day.

Can anyone watch Evenaar?

Only subscribers of Telenet (Channel 51) and subscribers of TV Vlaanderen (Channel 13) can receive Evenaar. The viewers of Belgacom must exercise some patience because public companies are operating at a somewhat slower pace than private companies.

Can I also receive Evenaar on the Internet?

Yes, You can watch all programs ‘live’ online, on PC as well as on your tablet and on your smartphone.

Can I contribute to Evenaar?

Yes, you can share your travel experiences with us and with others on our Facebook site and you can post your most beautiful holiday pictures on Instagram.

What content does Evenaar broadcast?

Evenaar broadcasts five different types of content:

  1. International documentaries on cities, regions and countries.
  2. Its own programs about Flanders and the people who live and work there.
  3. Non-spot programs on cities, regions, museums, companies, traditions, events, people, animals, places, experiences and festivals in Belgium and far beyond.
  4. Live reports of events in collaboration with organizers or other media.
  5. Content from viewers, TV producers, filmmakers and vloggers with the theme: special places, people and events.

Do you acquire the broadcasting rights for the programs you broadcast?

Yes, we acquire the non-exclusive broadcasting rights for Belgium; though it is not always possible to find all the rights holders (this is particularly difficult for the Internet).

So if you have content (and the broadcasting rights ) and you wish or are of the opinion that your content should be broadcast on Evenaar, then send us an email at content@evenaar.tv

What kind of content is Evenaar looking for?

We are looking for videos of fantastic places, spectacular trips, romantic places, off-piste descents, city skaters, island surfers, awesome museums, good festivals, great eateries, amazing hotels, fantastic squares, dangerous animals, wonders of the world, great individual performances, industry and craft trades. Things that appeal to one’s imagination; films about cities, regions and countries. In short, everything of interest above and below the equator.

Do we remunerate the content providers?

Special or artistic content from individual providers may qualify for the content provider to receive a fee. If not, the content is promoted on our channel and the makers get a credit. If you have any questions, please email: artistiek@evenaar.tv

For the broadcasting of commercial content (advertorials, infomercials and branded content) we charge a very competitive flat fee (price per minute).

If you need more information and rates, email: tarieven@evenaar.tv Only a maximum of 15 minutes of paying advertorials/infomercials/branded content are broadcast on Evenaar every day.

How many viewers does Evenaar have?

Evenaar is assessed by the CIM which also evaluates all other Flemish channels on a daily basis. The ratings are available for our advertisers and non-spot customers.

Does Evenaar also broadcast ordinary advertising?

Yes, we broadcast a commercial break every 20 minutes with commercials of 30 seconds just like all other Flemish channels.

Nevertheless, Evenaar is primarily a channel for ‘branded content’ where you can calmly tell the story about your place, city, region, museum, activity or event and company at a very competitive price.

Where to find us and how to contact us?

Our offices are located in Brussels, Antwerp, Sint-Niklaas and Hasselt. Would you like us to contact you? If so, please email us your name and phone number to: contact@evenaar.tv

Is Evenaar still looking for assistants?

Yes, Evenaar is looking for inspiring and convincing resellers.

These can be:

  1. Production companies which can sell, through us, exclusive ‘air time’.
  2. Organisers/spnosors of events who wanna air their live events on tv
  3. Other media (TV channels, radio, newspapers, websites) that can also offer ‘television’ to their ‘branded content’ customers.

Are you a potential reseller/partner/seller? And do you want to get started right away? Email us at partner@evenaar.tv

We are also looking for ‘internet surfers’: boys and girls who enjoy looking at many movies and videos on the Internet and tell us when they see something that might be suitable for Evenaar.

Are you an Internet addict with good taste and enough common sense to distinguish between essentials and non-essentials? If so, email us at addict@evenaar.tv

Is Evenaar one of those dubious companies which suddenly appear today and disappear tomorrow?

No, Evenaar is an initiative of NV De Buren, the largest operating company for regional television in Flanders. The shareholders of NV De Buren are Concentra Media NV and Nuhma NV, two big and successful Flemish companies with a long history.

I am excited; can I already send some material to Evenaar?

Sure, please send us your video (link or file) to video@evenaar.tv